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RE5 [28 Sep 2010|12:16am]
So, haven't updated for an age. I'm pretty sure I've seen some new movies, but none that really interested me. Finally watched Universal Soldier the other day, though. Mmmyes, Lundgren shirtless and gratuitous JCVD ass? Yes.

Finally bought a PS3 this summerCollapse )

Totally ruined RE5 and LittleBigPlanet(love my penguin-shark), but unfortunately haven't even started on MGS4, DMC4, or GOW3. :|
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Princess & The Frog, Sherlock Holmes, The Wolfman, RE:DC [14 Feb 2010|09:07pm]
Bit of a backlog going on here...

The movies have been good, but not memorable.Collapse )

omg lol. I bet that kills the twihards. Omg, RPatz won't sleep with me EVAR?!!1 NUOOOO.
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GoW2 [22 Nov 2009|10:28pm]
Okay, finally beat it. This is like, the first game I've beaten for the first time in about 2 years? :O??
Took me 13:09:21. Ranking: GOD. On Easy, 'cause I suck. I probably died like, 63 times, being stupid, etc. I couldn't figure out that frakking control-stick wiggle QTE. I kept moving it to the exteme ends, not just wiggling it back and forth. There was SOOOO much in this gameplay that wasn't explained, and I didn't have a book (bought it used). >:| The Hints/Tutorials were totally useless, too. Never got any hints when I needed them. And WhyTF couldn't I skip cutscenes after I'd seen them once? I must've seen one at least 20 times 'cause I kept dying. :| (again, that dumb QTE.) QTE's are the devil. >:[ I kept mixing up Square and X this evening, too, so I died needlessly a few times. e___e

But yeah, it was fun enough except for all that. I may buy the first one, now. Oh, finally picked up RE:Darkside Chronicles on Wednesday, after checking like, three times. It was supposed to be in Tuesday, then Wednesday morning, and finally they're like, "Just check in the afternoon." e____e Really, peeps. Really. Just 'cause it's not AC2 or L4D2 doesn't mean you gotta be lazy about it. And I got stuck with an XL shirt. :| Anyways, can't play it or give bro-chan the shirt until Christmas. *sigh* BUT! Gametrailers.com had a review and showed a clip of Wesker! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!!! So happy! I knew he'd have to be in it! :DD
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2012 [13 Nov 2009|10:21pm]

SPOILER-- the world doesn't make it.Collapse )

So now it's The Princess and the Frog, and Sherlock Holmes. C'mon, December!
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Zombieland & TVD [01 Nov 2009|04:24pm]
Just saw Zombieland with my older bro. LOL. It was so good. Nothing really to critique. It was great, funny, fast-paced, and had good music. Woody Harrelson was absolutely awesome. xD I hated the girls, but they were supposed to be annoying. I didn't expect that cameo, though...

Also, I've been watching the CW series The Vampire Diaries. It's... okay. maybe... Ian definitely makes the whole show better, but sometimes (in very small ways) it's a little better than the books. Like Elena actually caring about her family and being a bit stronger and less "omg my life is all about Stefan." I'm kinda glad they did that. But there's so many other things that they've screwed up, it's kinda hard to notice the good things. Either way, Ian is still a great Damon, and it totally works for me.
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HPatHBP [16 Jul 2009|11:22pm]
So, just got back, even though I said I'd probably never see it in the theatres. But dad wanted to see it. e__e He refuses to read the books, but always has me tell him what REALLY happens. >:| But it wasn't a total loss:

Bitch is getting sexy...Collapse )

Recent news? None. I finished re-reading HP last week, but other than reading, I've been chillin'. Tried cleaning my room today; didn't take.
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Terminator: Salvation [22 May 2009|02:44pm]
Well, saw it. Wasn't it supposed to come out today, and not yesterday?

you are the resistanceCollapse )

I really think the next Transformers movie looks like crap. :| But District 9, Surrogates, and Sherlock Holmes look neat.
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TVD [10 May 2009|02:43pm]
So there's a tv series of The Vampire Diaries coming out at some point, and I just noticed on IMDB that they've got Ian Somerhalder listed as Damon. My reaction? Oh. Fuck. Yes. xDDDD
I'm pretty sure the entire show is going to be absolute crap (Stefan and Elena=fugly; I really hope they atleast try to make them look like their characters), but I may check it out anyways simply because Damon is going to be hot. e__e;;
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Star Trek [09 May 2009|04:55pm]
Okay, so I said I wouldn't go give them any money for this movie, but I was bored as fuck.

To boldly go...Collapse )

I still love that Terminator/NIN trailer. And Transformers looks like a load of shite. e__e
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OMGWUT [07 May 2009|07:00pm]
Ohmygosh what. What? OMG. :'( I just read today's fandomsecrets and saw #172. I've been seriously avoiding any spoilers, but now I can just imagine what happened. D: OMGWUT. I'm close to tears here-- I'm about ready to run down the street and buy a PS3 and the game just to make sure it's not what I'm thinking it is. DUDE. D: DD':
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X-Men Origins: Wolverine [01 May 2009|07:20pm]
Hm. :| I think I'm unimpressed. SPOILERS

I think there's a naked man in the barn...Collapse )

Oh wait, if Wolverine is the best at what he does, why does he keep getting beat up?
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Watchmen [06 Mar 2009|02:24pm]
Yes. Finally saw it.

I'm actually not sure what I thought about it.Collapse )

And I'm so ashamed to admit it, but I'm actually entertaining the idea of seeing Star Trek. That added bit about James Kirk's father being a captian for 12 minutes? Awesome.
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RE5 complaints? [24 Feb 2009|01:44pm]
Okay, so I don't have a PS3 or an Xbox360, so I really don't have a real say in all the complaining that's been going on, but am I the only one who thinks a "run-and-gun" RE would suck? Truthfully, I don't really consider RE4(and now 5) to be "really" Resident Evil games. Yeah, they follow the storyline, have the same characters, but the gameplay is so different. And the zombies aren't the same, either. I know, you can only do Raccoon City so many times before it gets old (hey, 4 times isn't too bad), but what made RE RE was the stuck-camera, the sudden "oh shit!" moments-- running around and trying to find a clear spot so you can take down the three or four zombies that reanimated.

But really, I enjoyed RE4 a lot and it's great to have in the series, but I'm kind of afraid for the news about RE6 being a total rehaul of the series(editor's note). What's that going to mean for those of us who loved the original design? What's that mean for the end of RE5? Are they going to pull some huge plot-twist and kill off all the reoccuring characters? I've actually heard people complaining about seeing the same people in every game, but that's one thing I love about it! D: Having a new character works for games like Silent Hill, but what would Halo be if they changed Master Chief everytime? Or a Mario game without Mario? It's ridiculous. Resident Evil is a story about a town, a group of people betrayed, and the aftermath. More complaints about Wesker and Umbrella, but if you take those guys away, what are you left with? They created the T-virus, so no matter what, you're still stuck with their history.

I don't understand why people complain about a series, where things are usually supposed to intertwine somehow, when there are plenty of zombie-type games out there. Or if you just want to go around shooting things/people, pick up a FPS. :|

late edit *3/8/09*:I am so so excited. D:
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Being Erica [21 Jan 2009|07:45pm]
So, I know I've seen new movies, but I really don't remember what they were. I think I saw Mummy3, and it sucked bad. But I'm sure we all already knew that.

I found this new tv show called Being Erica thanks to CakeWrecks, (well, actually the Youtube prequels to it), but either way, it's Canadian, and it's awesome. Ever since I watched the Youtube prequels, I wanted to see this Ethan dude, and second episode: they show him! Eeeee! And he's cute. :3 And then I'm like, "Man, he and Erica better get something going on. He's awesome." And third episode? Ohh yeahhhh... :DDD I just hope they don't write it to mess up their relationship-- they were great friends. :\

Anyways... I'm still at college, spending too much time watching movies and playing games. :|
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RE5 campaign [09 Dec 2008|10:27am]


I'm at a loss for words. If that was CG, that was the most beautiful CG I've ever seen. His voice... Okay, I think I'm just too sick and my ears are clogged, but he sounded different from when he was speaking in the beginning (seriously. Is this Live-Action? Am I really that sick that I can't tell if it's CG or Live-Action?? D: *needs to go to the doctor*). But omg. W.T.F. D: Capcom! Why do you keep doing this to us?!
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RE: D [05 Dec 2008|12:34am]
DUDE. 1. They took too much time making the girls look like supermodels. The guys all have like, the same face shape-- and they don't look that good. :| 2. The girls all had the same lips. Somebody needs fired.

Okay, is this going to be a total rehash of 2? C'mon, Claire! {Rani.}
What? Do your legs not work anymore? {Senator.}
Oh wtf dude. Stop holding everybody up. The dude's been bit-- we know what happens. :| {Greg? The only time we learn his name.}
CLAIRE. Seriously. Why do you stop and stand there when zombies are coming after you? Pick the kid up and toss her! {Rani gets knocked over.}
Uhhuh. What's up with this terrible dialogue and pointless backstory? Bad spot for that. {He lost his wife and child to Raccoon.}
And it looks like you haven't changed much-- remember Greg? Yeah, you were gonna get yourself and the group killed. {I jumped in-- got three SRT members injured.}
And you're totally giving her all the information? You're upset about her calling Leon? {Brit dude totally diggin' Claire.}
Aw, she winked at him--- omg, what is that look, Leon? What are you thinking? :O {Does she make you feel funny in the elevator?}
KILLLL.... DDDD:< {Leon/Angela. Let her drown! She's always holding everyone up!}
OH COME ON. CAPCOOOOMMMM WHYYYY? {stop staring at each other! D:}
OMG, that dress is hideous. D: WUT NOOOO. D: {No, you're not going diving. Leave him alone.}
Awww, flirt with her more! What, do you guys like, never hang out together? Whyyyy? {helicopter/limosine}

Dude, this whole time I was waiting for Wesker to get mentioned/appear. And Laura Bailey and Steve Blum are sooo boring. They sound the same every freaking time. :| Or maybe it's just me remembering their past roles?
Well, good movie, I guess. I'm still gonna buy it. I would have liked more Leon/Claire interaction, though! Seriously! I mean, it doesn't have to be romantic-- I just want to see them together. They seem like they'd be pretty funny together. I think Capcom is doing it on purpose. Leon seems to fall in love with every woman he spends a few hours with-- if he were to actually interact with Claire... wow, I don't think I even want to imagine what would happen.
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Wall-E, Hellboy II: The Golden Army [30 Nov 2008|08:02pm]
Finally saw two "newer" movies. They were both okay; nothing great, but meh, entertaining enough.

I'm running out of words to say...Collapse )

Yeah, not much to say about these. Maybe if I see them again I'll have more to talk about? *shrug*
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Least Scary things in RE [18 Nov 2008|06:12pm]
"Let's be honest: When it comes down to it, series supervillain Albert Wesker is pretty damn ineffectual -- and you can tell Capcom was a little insecure about his status as the Resident Evil universe's ultimate source of evil. Hence, Wesker's adoption of a deeper, British-y voice after the first game -- obviously, genetic mutation can make you both immortal and vaguely European. But even so, Wesker's still kind of a dork: Consider that step one in his elaborate world-domination plan involved getting impaled and making it look like an accident. It's hard to believe Wesker's orchestrating these well-planned zombie outbreaks, even when the games make it clear that he's somewhere, doing...things. Resident Evil 5 could cut away to Wesker microwaving a burrito, and Capcom would insist that something sinister's going down. To accentuate his alleged nefariousness, we suggest that Wesker grow a zombie mustache -- that twirls itself."
1up article (10/27/08)
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Quantum of Solace, 11 min of RE:D [14 Nov 2008|04:07pm]
Whew. It's been an interesting week...

Haven't seen many movies recently...Collapse )

Man, I'm hungry and bored. Perhaps I'll borrow Casino Royale... Or maybe I'll just play RE2... *shrug*
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Max Payne [18 Oct 2008|03:09pm]
I saw Max Payne today.

It was okay...Collapse )

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